At Style Panels we know that a well-designed wardrobe can save you hours of frustration when it comes to organisation and storage of your items. We also know that each and every person will have their own particular requirements. Some people love having lots of shelves, others prefer lots of rails; others just want a rack for all those shoes! At Style Panels, we are the experts when it comes to storage. We tailor everything to suit you and offer some valuable tips and ideas along the way. We create wardrobes and storage for bedrooms, offices, granny flats, hot-presses etc.

Our Streamline Bedroom Collection  come in a wide variety of finishes, choose from various timbers, veneers etc. We want you to be 100% happy with the finished wardrobe. We only use the best materials on the market, so you know that your wardrobe will last for years.

Be sure to call into our showroom to see examples of our work up close. We believe that this really allows our clients to get an idea of the quality of our work and see how we differ from other companies.

Whether you are building, renovating, or just trying to find some extra living space, adequate storage facilities will always increase the value of your home. Style Panels provide purpose design and tailor to your individual design and storage needs, providing you with the right solution whether they are in your bedroom, office or family room.

With a wide range of door finishes and styles for the outside of your Streamline wardrobe, creating that special piece of furniture is easy. And with a vast array of standard and custom configurations for the inside, there will always be a functional storage solution for your home.

But it's the little touches offered by Style Panels that really set us apart - like the special rolled edges or veneer trim that can complement the leading edge of shelves so they match your choice of doors. Or the oval shaped hanging rod that won't sag.

While you will be able to see some of the beautiful and interesting wardrobe solutions that Streamline can provide, creating the right design for the right room requires experience and knowhow. A professionally trained Streamline Kitchens and Bedrooms consultant can discuss your individual requirements to create a solution that meets your needs.
Bedroom Design - Useful Tips

    Consider the size of the room in which you intend to install the wardrobe.

    The ideal depth of a wardrobe is 600mm. This prevents wider clothing from getting caught in the doors.

    Check that hinged wardrobe doors will not open onto hanging light fittings, furniture or doorways.

    Collisions can be avoided by ensuring that the wardrobe doors don't open onto bedroom doorways.

    A wardrobe should be placed clear of windows.

    If you only have one power point in a room, it's best not to cover it with a wardrobe. However, often the perfect place to locate a wardrobe happens to be over the power point. In this case, it might be worth having an electrician relocate the outlet or install another one in a more convenient location.

    Uneven floors and walls can be accommodated in most applications